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Rebecca Collins – ILM Level 7 Tutor

Rebecca Collins, Managing Director – Chapel House Training and Consultancy Rebecca tutored Andrew. March 2020. “Andrew’s coaching style is precise and to the point. He will help you find a path through distractions and challenges and get to the heart of the issue”

Naomi Kent

Naomi Kent, President, North America – In Touch Networks Andrew coached Naomi. 12 March 2021. “Andrew Warneken was my executive coach for 6 months. We worked on my professional goals, and also on some areas of my development that we had identified. Andrew was skilled at asking the right questions, and providing guidance on reaching […]

Business Crisis Management And Resilience Planning

The recent COVID pandemic has, in some cases, highlighted certain quite significant gaps in business operation planning and “disaster” resilience. Possible scenarios for a major disruption to a business would be an office fire / flood / or perhaps an infestation. For the purposes of this blog it is assumed that a fire sweeps through […]

Autism in the Workplace

I was approached by the Burton and Lichfield Chamber of Commerce to write a blog about Autism in the Workplace. In this blog I will be talking about autistic people that sit on the high functioning part of the autistic spectrum. I am not medically trained; by education and career I am a nuclear marine […]

Gordon Baker

Gordon Baker, Coach & Mentor at RTC Leadership & Coaching “Andrew created a safe space for me to explore a very challenging situation for which I needed a way forward. He provided good open questions, a balanced challenge which made me think deeply but constructively about key aspects of my circumstances and helped me identify […]

Tracey Hartshorn

Tracey Hartshorn, provides inspirational support for awesome Mental Health Be Proud ~ Be True ~ Be You Tracey managed Andrew directly. February 5, 2021. “I know Andrew through the coaching network, Reach for the Moon, where he is a regular contributor to our discussions about all aspects of coaching. Andrew has a really unique style […]

Lesley Butlin

Lesley Butlin, Psychotherapist, Supervisor, Mindset Coach, and Trainer Co-Facilitator of Reach for the Moon – Network for Coaches Andrew was a client of Lesley’s. February 8, 2021. “Andrew has attended several of our Reach for the Moon Network for Coaches events. He is open, honest and shows integrity when discussing the issues that arise in […]

Kamal Hanif OBE

Kamal Hanif OBE, CEO at Waverley Education Foundation Kamal was a client of Andrew’s. February 8, 2021. “The coaching sessions have helped me to deal with very complex staffing issues and matters, and helped me to frame how to deal with the issues. Decluttering mentally and being focussed on resolving and finding solutions. Creating a […]

Say Hello to the New Warneken Consulting Website

We are excited to announce the launch of our new website and branding for Warneken Consulting.  With 30+ years of military standard corporate environment experience, Warneken Consulting can offer your business expert advice and coaching in areas including (but not limited to) Crisis Management, Leadership and Management Services/Training, and Corporate Security. Our blog will be […]

Mid-morning on BBC Radio Derby interview Andrew Warneken.

Released On: 09 Sep 2020 Sally Pepper interviews Andrew Warneken Listen to the full show here Sally Pepper: A Derby man living with autism is urging people to support those with the condition as we head back to work and a sense of normality. Andrew [Warneken 00:00:10] says, going back to the office means you […]