Why Us

Warneken Consulting is based near Derby and was
setup with a vision of helping business more effectively
utilise their primary assets; their employees.

The approach is to help businesses provide a working environment where all members of staff can work together in a cohesive manner in order to optimise their time, talents and environment for the benefit of all. The variety of skills required to manage people both as individuals and as part of a team can appear to be somewhat confusing, complex and overwhelming.

Using a combination of experience gained over a very diverse career of more than 30 years as well years of formal practical and theorical training we can help businesses to lead, manage and communicate with their employees in a more effective way.

Many of our services do complement one another. Therefore, a business can utilise any specific service of ours or use a combination of any of them to suit their specific needs and requirements. We will also take referrals from other businesses as part of a much larger work package.

One of our services, we believe, is unique. We can provide advice and training to businesses to much more effectively communicate, lead and manage employees who may be on the Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD).


As no two businesses are the same then no two pieces of work are precisely the same. We will work with you to establish your own specific requirements so that any work meets your specific needs. This ethos continues throughout the delivery in that should there be a short notice change of requirements / deliverables these will be efficiently managed and a revised schedule submitted for agreement.


In our experience it is the quality of the work done that is paramount not the quantity of the work done. With a background in nuclear engineering we intrinsically understand the philosophy that it is the quality of the product is of paramount importance and not the quantity of product.


In business we believe that any communication should follow three principles namely; brevity, clarity and relevance. Our aim is to provide you with information that is concise, clear and relevant allowing more time and resource to be committed to completing the work.


Underpinning the formal academic qualifications and accreditations there are practical knowledge and skills that have been developed over a highly diverse career of over 30 years. As part of continual improvement we undertake a programme of continual professional development to ensure knowledge and skills are maintained and kept up to date with current best practice and techniques.


Confidentiality and discretion are fundamental to ensuring data is secure and protected. In the past, we have undertaken specialist training in the management and custody of highly classified UK military information. We therefore treat all business-critical information with the same principles and methods used in our training. The requirement to maintain privacy and the means to reduce the likelihood of accidental release of such information has been woven into everything we do.


  • Improved leadership and management skills at all levels throughout the company.
  • Highlight and advise how to motivate and manage members of staff more effectively.
  • Information security reviews and protocols.
  • Analyse and scrutinise processes and tasks.
  • Crisis Management.
  • Specialist training and advice for businesses with autistic staff.
  • Better resource of time, processes and staff.

Our Process


This is an informal meeting and at no cost to yourself and there are no commitments of any work.
Upon enquiry we will undertake an initial consultation with you. The main purposes of this meeting would be to for us gain some understanding of the services you require and to establish whether we can help you in providing this to you.


For us to understand your needs and establish the precise remit of the work we would undertake a Requirements Capture with you. On completion you would be provided with a summary of this for you to confirm. This will form the basis of our cost estimate for the work to be carried out. You will be invoiced for the requirements capture process.


Our quote will be based on the agreed Requirements Capture. Subject to agreement of our estimate we will invoice for the work (or parts thereof in accordance with any payment schedule that we agree). On payment of the invoice the work will begin.


We provide you with updates on how work is progressing. Unless specifically requested these will be of relatively informal manner such email, telephone or videoconferencing.


When the work has been completed, we will provide a written confirmation of this along with any outstanding invoice. Our intention would be to then discuss the completed work and, if applicable, as well as any recommendations thereafter. We will request feedback from you about our services. All feedback is welcome as we seek to continually improve and refine our services and work.

Andrew Warneken

Andrew Warneken

Managing Director

Andrew has had a long and diverse career and has been exposed to a large variety of working environments and experiences. Over 30 years’ experience & achievements, making him the ideal person to help your business.

The first half of his career was spent as a Royal Naval Submarine Engineering Officer. After retiring from the Royal Navy, the rest of his career has been in the commercial world and, more specifically, within the engineering industry.

Andrew set up his first company providing specialist nuclear marine engineering and nuclear reactor operating advice to a multi-national company that supports the Ministry of Defence’s Nuclear Submarine Flotilla. Based on his experience, he was asked to join a multi-national engineering consultancy company to set up and manage a brand-new office comprising of engineers, support and administration staff. Further to that, he managed multi-million pound engineering projects, predominantly within the nuclear, marine and electrical engineering specialisation.

Outside of his work commitments Andrew is a Trustee of the Symphony Learning Trust, Leicestershire and is the Chairman of the trust’s Finance and Audit Committee. He is also the Chairman of Governors at Horninglow Primary School, Burton Upon Trent.

Honours & Awards

  • Fellow of the Institute of Leadership and Management (FInstLM)
  • Member of the Institute of Marine Engineering, Science & Technology (MIMarEST)
  • Chartered Engineer (CEng)
  • Chartered Marine Engineer (CMarEng)
  • Fellow of the Institute of Advanced Motorists (FIAM)
  • Queen’s Golden Jubilee Medal

Our business can support you with a wide range of business services that stand on their own merits, yet they can act in an interdependent manner as part of a more holistic package.

As with many small businesses we are quick to adapt changes which may be due to your change of strategy, priorities or direction. For example the significant change imposed on businesses on their operations, processes, logistics and management due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

For further information about our work and how we may be able to help you please complete our contact form and we will respond to your enquiry as soon as we possibly can.